Fall Hill is more or less a private residence that is haunted by the ghost of a former Native American girl that used to live in the house.  The house was built for the Thorton family in 1726 but was extensively renovated in 1840.  The Thortons actually owned the home up until 1999 before turning it over to the historical landmarks register. 

The story behind "Katina" can better be described if you read through the story I have posted below.  She was believed to be a Sioux Princess who ended up becoming a Nanny for the Thorton family.  She died in 1777 and is said to still haunt this location today. 

Some of the activity that surrounds this house is numerous electrical problems, doors opening on their own, shadows moving across the wall, and even hearing random voices when nobody else is in the house.  Katina's apparition has been seen numerous times inside the house by former residents and I believe she is even burried somewhere on the grounds as well. 

Katina: The Nanny Of Fall Hill
Historical Background On Fall Hill


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