The Monterey House is located on the Roanoke College campus and serves as an academic building during the day and a haunted house at night.  The house was first built for Powell Huff, a Salem businessman.  However, in its 150 year history the house has served as a private residence, a hotel, a frat house, and a rooming house.  If you want more information on the building itself you can skim through the article I have linked at the bottom. 

The ghostly claims of this establishment are widespread and well documented.  According to those that had to spend the night inside the house, a female ghost will appear, often at your bedside while you sleep.  The ghost isn't harmful but for those who have woken up to see a ghost above them, it's given them quite a shock.  Also, there have been reports of Civil War soldiers, standing outside the residence only to disappear moments later. 

The rest of the activity is fairly typical of any "haunted" building.  Footsteps in the night can be heard, voices whispering, a radio like humming can be heard from the dining room, and guests have been touched on numerous occasions by unseen forces.

So is the Monterey House haunted?  It certainly seems like it is.  Still, as a skeptic and one that needs proof before I label anything as haunted, I get the feeling that something is going on in the house.  Feel free to checkout the EVP's the VAMP team collected when they visited the house.  I've linked it at the bottom of the page.

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