Want to take the wife somewhere nice for the weekend but also want to satisfy your lust for the paranormal?  Well, here's your solution.  The "By The Side of the Road" Bed and Breakfast is home to fine dining, luxurious rooms, and you guessed it, ghosts.

The house was built back in the mid 19th century and served as a hospital during the Civil War.  In fact, the house was set to be burned down by invading Northern troops but due to its brick foundation, the house didn't ignite and the soldiers left it standing.

The ghostly phenomenon isn't anything out of the ordinary.  Footsteps can be heard during the night even when every guest is fast asleep in their rooms.  Doors tend to open and shut on their own, whispering can be heard during the night, and the typical semi-paranormal knocks and bumps can be heard throughout the house. 

Official Website
History of the Estate
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