We've covered haunted roads on here before but I'm pretty sure this is the first haunted tunnel we've talked about.  The Poor House Road Tunnel is a well known haunted hot spot, especially among the younger generation in and around Lexington.  This is evident by the numerous amount of graffiti that currently engulfs the walls. 

The tunnel was built back in the 19th century as a part of a railroad system that spanned from Lexington to Staunton.  Of course, with the birth of the automobile, the tracks associated with this tunnel are no longer in use and haven't been in use for some time.

The ghostly sitings of this tunnel stem from some local legends of lynchings and murders associated with this particular piece of real estate.  According to some locals, the tunnel was a hot spot for lynchings back in the early 20th century.  Also, there is a story of two girls who were shot and killed in the tunnel.

None of these stories can be validated but they are interesting.  So is this tunnel haunted?  You may have to journey to Lexington and find out for yourself.  Or if your too lazy to do that, check out some of the EVP's the VA Paranormal group posted on their website.  Those are linked below. 

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