When I first created this site, I copied a list from several prominent websites out there that included a lengthy list of haunted locations within the state.  One of the first one's you'll see is the "Brown House" in Alexandria.  Of course, the only description these sites gave was that "soldiers could be seen on the property."  Honestly, you could probably say that about half of Virginia. 

After doing a bit of research, the house does still stand today as a part of a older yet thriving community in Alexandria.  The house is privately owned and is not open to any sort of tours for wandering eyes. 

The house itself is made entirely of wood.  Built in 1772, the original owner of this farmhouse was Patrick Murray.  John Douglas Brown and his descendants have occupied the residence from 1816 to the late 20th century. 

The first thing you'll notice inside the house is how the interior seems trapped in time.  Old Civil War relics surround you in just about every room.  Old pots and pans dangle above you in the kitchen. 

As for whether or not the house is haunted, it's hard to say.  George Washington and several other prominent politicians have visited the house throughout the years.  There is quite a bit of history that surrounds the property but it doesn't seem like any tragic events occurred on the premises. 

The House Where George Washington Used to Hang
The John Douglass Brown House
Old Town Home - Brown House

As an avid fan of the Old 97's, an alt-country band out of El Paso, Texas, I have to admit I was immediately drawn to the Wreck of the Old 97 story.  On September 27, 1903, the No. 97 “Fast Mail” train lost it's airbrakes and jumped a track in Danville, killing 10 of the 18 people on board.  The ravine to which the train crashed is now know to be a haunted location.

Unfortunately, natural growth (plants, moss, trees) have rendered that particular sight impossible for a true paranormal investigation.  But, lights are still said to appear from time to time around the old railroad track in that area.

If you want a bit more in-depth information into this story, please check out the it's Wikipedia page.

The Blog is back! Ok, I know it's been a rather long absence but school, work, and real life responsibility along with the fact that I run another completely different blog forced me to put this little pet project on the back burner.  As of now, I don't know how much time I feel like I'll be able to throw into this each week but it's a project that I'd like to keep going.  Virginia is rich with history and with that history comes personal tragedy.  That personal tragedy leads to some damn fine ghost stories, which is where this blog comes in.

As a resident of Southwest Virginia, I have to admit I have never heard of the "Murder Hole," which is a name given to a cave system in Catawba.  For those of you who are geographically challenged, Catawba is several miles outside of Roanoke. 

According to a 2002 Roanoke Times article, the caves are owned by a family with the last name McConnell.  I do not know if that is still the case.

The legend of the murder whole stems from a likely myth told for over 100 years, at least.  The myth goes that an old tinkerer (whatever the hell that was) was traveling through the valley until he met a farmer, who owned the land the McConnells own today.  The farmer, enraged from the fact that Jersey Shore would not be invented for another 104 years, killed the tinkerer and threw his body down Daylight Cave.

Like most myths, they're based on a shred truth but really that truth has been manipulated so many times it's hard to say how accurate it is.

That said, there has been recent tragedies in the cave.  A student from Virginia Tech perished in the cave back in 1958.  David Spencer was a member of Virginia Tech's cave diving team when his rope snapped causing him to plunge off a rocky cliff inside the cave to the floor below.

According to that same Roanoke Times article, several teenagers were trapped in the cave for several hours back in 1969.

"We went a couple of hundred feet in that cave, and everything sort of ended," Hollandsworth recalled recently. "Then there was a hole straight down and a cable tied to a stalagmite." Murder Hole.
 Hollandsworth descended the slick cable first, followed by Fleshman. Hollandsworth "was saying how great everything looked and I should come on down," Parris recalled.

"Before I go down, one of you better come up here," he said. Hollandsworth tried, then Fleshman, but neither could climb back up the slippery cable. They were stuck on a ledge halfway down Murder Hole. To make matters worse, one of the boys dropped their lone flashlight into the hole. Parris went to get help, leaving Hollandsworth and Fleshman in the dark for a few hours.

"It was sort of scary," Hollandsworth said. "I was afraid I was going to fall off the ledge, and I kept thinking I saw things."

 Is the murder hole haunted?  It's hard to say.  Tight, cramped spaces tend to freak people out regardless of myth, history, or lore.  But, if the stories are correct the Murder Hole is certainly a must visit place for any avid spelunker. 

Stratford Hall is the birthplace of one Robert E. Lee.  The house itself sits directly on the border of Virginia and Maryland, overlooking the Potomac river.  The architecture associated with this Colonial period mansion is amazing. The beautiful brick walls that enclose this mansion have been kissed by the sun for a few centuries now.  Yet, the house still remains as enchanting as it was when it was first built.

The paranormal claims inside this mansion are numerous, as are the ghosts who have been rumored to conduct the activity.  There were a few generations of Lee's that lived in this house.  Of course, Robert E. Lee lived in this house until he was three before moving to a new house in Alexandria (Also known as the Lee House... it too is rumored to be haunted). 

Most claims seem to be that of residual hauntings.  Staff members have claimed to see figures sitting on a bed, looking out a window, or working at a desk.  These all have the symptoms of being a moment in time playing itself over and over again when the conditions are right.  There are a few intelligent ghosts in the house but I cannot confirm that outside of what I've read in a few books over the past few weeks. 

I've linked the official website at the bottom and for those of you who are curious to check out Stratford Hall at night, they do allow overnight guests. 

Official Website of Stratford Hall
Paranormal Claims at Stratford Hall
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Wikipedia Page

The Aquia Church has been home to paranormal activity for over the last 200 years, according to those who have visited and researched the location.  The majority of paranormal activity stems from a murder that occurred just after the church was built in the 1750's.  A woman, who was hiding from some highway men, was murdered inside the church.  Her body was hidden in the belfry not to be found until a few years later when the church began conducting regular services.  The blood from her murder remained ingrained into the floor before a concrete surface covered it during some renovations. 

The paranormal symptoms this location has is often during the night you can hear sounds of a struggle coming from the back of the church.  Footsteps can be heard throughout the day and night as if somebody was running frantically.  Whistling can often be heard when nobody else is around.  Lastly, the apparition of a young, blonde woman has been seen looking out one of the churches windows. 

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Fall Hill is more or less a private residence that is haunted by the ghost of a former Native American girl that used to live in the house.  The house was built for the Thorton family in 1726 but was extensively renovated in 1840.  The Thortons actually owned the home up until 1999 before turning it over to the historical landmarks register. 

The story behind "Katina" can better be described if you read through the story I have posted below.  She was believed to be a Sioux Princess who ended up becoming a Nanny for the Thorton family.  She died in 1777 and is said to still haunt this location today. 

Some of the activity that surrounds this house is numerous electrical problems, doors opening on their own, shadows moving across the wall, and even hearing random voices when nobody else is in the house.  Katina's apparition has been seen numerous times inside the house by former residents and I believe she is even burried somewhere on the grounds as well. 

Katina: The Nanny Of Fall Hill
Historical Background On Fall Hill

There have been more stories told about what happens around Crawford Road in Yorktown, Virginia than any other road in Virginia.  If you want to here some of those stories, feel free to sifter through some of the posts on the StrangeUSA link at the bottom of this article.  Obviously, when there's a lot of widespread paranormal claims about a location, you have to take it with a grain of salt until you visit the place in person.  Since this road is a good 4 and a half hours from me, it's safe to say I probably won't be visiting this place any time soon.

However the stories are enough to peak my interest and while they all seem a little outlandish, who am I to say that they're not true.  Crawford road has quite a history of misery and pain.  The road been the home of some recent murders as well as a popular spot for lynchings in the past.  Of note, there is a belief that a still practicing KKK group holds rallies and meetings somewhere along this road.  So if you do head out to Crawford road at night, make sure to stay safe.

The most well known claim is of the bride-to-be ghost that apparently killed herself on her wedding day.  Apparently, if the conditions are right you can still see her ghost tumbling off the bridge only to disappear before it reaches the ground.  Also, back after this bridge was built, the KKK used this site as a popular place to lynch African-Americans.

If you are brave enough to drive down this one lane road late at night, make sure you bring a camera and any other piece of equipment you have in order to document anything you find. Most of the people who have visited this place left with a memorable paranormal experience that they can't explain.

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