When I first created this site, I copied a list from several prominent websites out there that included a lengthy list of haunted locations within the state.  One of the first one's you'll see is the "Brown House" in Alexandria.  Of course, the only description these sites gave was that "soldiers could be seen on the property."  Honestly, you could probably say that about half of Virginia. 

After doing a bit of research, the house does still stand today as a part of a older yet thriving community in Alexandria.  The house is privately owned and is not open to any sort of tours for wandering eyes. 

The house itself is made entirely of wood.  Built in 1772, the original owner of this farmhouse was Patrick Murray.  John Douglas Brown and his descendants have occupied the residence from 1816 to the late 20th century. 

The first thing you'll notice inside the house is how the interior seems trapped in time.  Old Civil War relics surround you in just about every room.  Old pots and pans dangle above you in the kitchen. 

As for whether or not the house is haunted, it's hard to say.  George Washington and several other prominent politicians have visited the house throughout the years.  There is quite a bit of history that surrounds the property but it doesn't seem like any tragic events occurred on the premises. 

The House Where George Washington Used to Hang
The John Douglass Brown House
Old Town Home - Brown House


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