As a Radford University student, I'm intrigued at the amount of paranormal claims come from the students that attend here.  Some ignore it but ghost stories have a way at staying in your brain and making you wonder what really did happen on that night.  Thanks to some scanning of the McConnell Library archives, I've found an old student newspaper article that depicts the tragic death of a student who died in the tunnels that run underneath Radford's campus. 

I'll post a link to the PDF version of this article if you would like to download it yourself.  I haven't confirmed whether or not this is true but I let you guys decide for yourselves.

It's not known by many, but beneath the grounds of our campus there is a network of tunnels,  They were used by the women students of the past to move about campus without having to go outdoors.  The Tunnels have long since been closed and passage through them is forbidden. 
According to the legend, however, there is one student whose spirit occupies the tunnels every Halloween night.  Her name is Elizabeth and for years her voice has been heard, crying through the tunnels in a frantic search of her secret admirer.  She was to meet him in the tunnel beneath her dorm the night of the annual Halloween ball, but never did. Instead that night ended with her tragic death. 
 Elizabeth was very quiet and spent most of her days alone in her room.  There were rumors that she was psychic and could communicate with the dead.  Girls would often hear her mumbling strange words and smell incense while passing by her door.  Some claim she would contact her deceased mother and talk to her about problems she was facing in her life.  Others simply believed Elizabeth was crazy and they ignored her.
Elizabeth was far from attractive. Although her figure and features were nice, she never made any attempt to improve on them.  Her posture was poor and her face was always hidden behind her long, stringy black hair.  
She hated everyone on campus.  This included her house mother even though Elizabeth would run to her whenever she caught one of the other girls in mischief.  Her resentment was especially strong toward a group of five firls who lived on her hall.  They were all very pretty and were known as "The Five," because they were the five most popular girls on campus. 
 The Five got their kicks by picking on Elizabeth and were constantly pulling practical jokes on her.  It was one of their practical jokes that triggerd Elizabeth's death.  Unlike most of the girls, Elizabeth never caught the eye of male visitors.  The Five thought it would be funny to see what would happen if she had a secret admirer call on her.  The planned a prank that would not only humiliate her but would scare her at the same time.  It all started the Monday before the college's Halloween costume ball.
They sent Elizabeth flowers with an unsigned note attached.  At first she thought it was just another prank and put it out of her mind.  But the cards and notes kept coming.  Elizabeth soon believed there really was someone out there watching her.  The last note the Five sent asked her to come to the Halloween ball dressed as a princess.  He (the admirer) would go as a prince and would find her.
Elizabeth ruled out all possibilities of this being another joke and anticipated teh ball.  She worked hard on her costume and rehearsed what she would say when she met her prince.  The night finally arrived.  It was bitterly cold outside and the wind was gusting.  Elizabeth crossed the grounds from her dorm to the ball with her princess gown blowing int eh wind and her now silky black hair pulled back behind her glowing face.  She was beautiful.  When we arrived, the crowd became silent.  A look of astonishment was on everyone's face.  Elizabeth, however, didn't even notice the reaction of the people.  Her eyes were searching for her prince. 
She stookd motionless against a wall, scanning the crowd waiting for him.  The night was growing old and the crowd began to thin out.  But Elizabeth stayed, waiting.  By 11:30 p.m. the place had emptied.  Elizabeth stood there, but now she was filled with rage.  She was convinved that The Five had gotten her once again.  As she started to leave, a memer of The Five approached her and handed her a note.  Elizabeth was confused because the girl didn't speak and kept a concerned, almost sympathetic expression on her face.  The girl turned and walked away. 
The note was from the admirer and asked her to meet him in the tunnel beneath her dorm at midnight.  His name was signed at the bottom.  Elizabeth feared she was setting herself up but decided to show up anyway.  When she went down to the tunnel entrance it was very quiet.  As she passed into the tunnel she quietly called his name.  In an instant the entrance door slammed behind her and the light went out Elizabeth screaed and ran to the door kicking and pounding her fists on it.  She heard laughter from the other side.  She turned and ran down the tunnel calling the admirer's name.  It was completely dark and as she was running she tripped and fell, breaking her neck.  She died instantly.
It's believed that Elizabeth still visits every campus Halloween party dressed as a princess looking for her prince, and still visits teh tunnel eveyr year at midnight crying for him.  Legend has it that when she finds him (and she will) she''ll take him to their meeting spot in the tunnel where she'll keep him forever.  I haven't told you the admirer's name and for good reason.  There is a new student this year with the same name.  So if you fit this description, I suggest you don't talk to any princesses on Friday night.  She'll be looking for you!

Written by Richie Ellis.

PDF Version of this story


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