One of the hardest things I've come across since starting this blog is how to cover certain paranormal locations.  Obviously, there are a lot of private residences that are haunted, do I cover them or do I not?  Same goes with places like Rosewell that are in ruins and have been for quite some time.  Seeing that my main reason for starting this blog is to educate paranormal researchers or the general public on some of Virginia's most haunted locations, I guess I should cover it even though an investigation here would be difficult.

Rosewell was once a beautiful home before being destroyed in a house fire since 1916.  However, the outer brick walls of the building have remained since then and the remaining structure has become a historical site that draws in over a thousand visitors per year.  Located on the York River, Rosewell is home to plenty of paranormal activity.

There have been stories of apparitions of former slaves walking around the grounds and interacting with anybody who happens to be at the ruins during the night.  The ghost of Letitia Dalton, a former resident of Rosewell who eventually died here, is said to appear when the atmospheric conditions are right.  Finally, there have been a few sitings of what is considered Thomas Jefferson's ghost but those stories are far less credible than the last two.

Rosewell would be an interesting investigation due to the uniqueness of the case.  If any of you Hampton Roads or VA Beach area groups investigate this place, let me know and I'll post a link to your findings at the bottom of this article.

Phillip Spencers Syrupy Encounter at Rosewell
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Tour of the Ruins - Youtube
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Charles Heasley said...

I have information about the hauntings of this location. After numerous trips there with friends to investigate the alleged hauntings. Please keep in mind that the "investigation" was most likely illegal and occurred after 11PM eastern standard time. I can say with confidence that this is a spooky place for anyone who visits after dark for various reasons, both paranormal and otherwise. The not so ghostly fears stem from the wildlife that surrounds the former plantation. We believe them to be wolves but have not had close enough encounters with them to confirm. What I can confirm is the presence of paranormal activity. Behind the plantation is a large circular pit that descends about 15-20 feet deep presently. We can only assume that the original hole was much deeper and simply filled in over the years little by little. While investigating this hole, a member of our group actually went down inside of it and got a look at the walls to reveal scratch marks on the inner walls of the pit. Also in that vicinity we could hear the faint sound of footsteps in the woods and in the fields. We also discovered what we can only describe as an old wine cellar but was probably used for something else as there is a chimney inside of it. This section is for the most part completely intact and standing. Only one small crack in the wall lets moonlight shine through but on a cloudy or moonless night it is pitch black in there. We took a video recording one night while standing in that room to try and get some kind of apparition to appear on camera, instead we got only the sound of what we believe to be screams and other inaudible conversation. On the front steps that lead up to what was once the main entrance of the building we also witnessed the silhouette of a young girl wearing a red dress walking down the stairs. While much of our footage and physical evidence has been lost, I can name 5 people that witnessed these events with me. The haunting of this old plantation ruin is very real and I would urge skeptics to investigate it themselves if they have any doubts.

Diane McKeel said...

My husband and I visited Rosewell for the first time last fall. It was during the day, and we went solely for the purpose of photographing the ruins. Nothing strange happened while we were there. We didn't see or hear anything unusual, that is, until we got home and started to check out our photos. There was one point when my husband was on the far side of the building, and I was looking into the wine cellar. I decide to snap a photo, thinking nothing of it. If you have ever been there, you know that it is completely empty, pitch black, with a dirt floor. When I looked at one photo, I noticed what looks a lot like a woman in a blue dress with her arm stretched out towards me, as if summoning me to come over. I have the photo, and would love to share it to get another's take on it, but I don't see a place to submit photos. If there is any way I can share this with you, please let me know.

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