There have been more stories told about what happens around Crawford Road in Yorktown, Virginia than any other road in Virginia.  If you want to here some of those stories, feel free to sifter through some of the posts on the StrangeUSA link at the bottom of this article.  Obviously, when there's a lot of widespread paranormal claims about a location, you have to take it with a grain of salt until you visit the place in person.  Since this road is a good 4 and a half hours from me, it's safe to say I probably won't be visiting this place any time soon.

However the stories are enough to peak my interest and while they all seem a little outlandish, who am I to say that they're not true.  Crawford road has quite a history of misery and pain.  The road been the home of some recent murders as well as a popular spot for lynchings in the past.  Of note, there is a belief that a still practicing KKK group holds rallies and meetings somewhere along this road.  So if you do head out to Crawford road at night, make sure to stay safe.

The most well known claim is of the bride-to-be ghost that apparently killed herself on her wedding day.  Apparently, if the conditions are right you can still see her ghost tumbling off the bridge only to disappear before it reaches the ground.  Also, back after this bridge was built, the KKK used this site as a popular place to lynch African-Americans.

If you are brave enough to drive down this one lane road late at night, make sure you bring a camera and any other piece of equipment you have in order to document anything you find. Most of the people who have visited this place left with a memorable paranormal experience that they can't explain.

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Pamela K. Kinney said...

I have been there, both during the daytime and at night two years ago, on first Saturday in January (when it was arctic cold). I even wrote about my experiences, including photos and the evp I caught on my recorder, all in the chapter for Crawford Road in my book, Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations.

ashley treacy said...

I went there went some friends at 1 am, & it was creepy! We attempted to go down the trail with the abandoned radio tower and before we even got on the trail there was a cross & engraved it said "Revenge is mine!" and had the slaves name with the birth/death date. We got the hell out of there and went up to the road to the bridge. Half the group was in the truck ahead of us, and then I was in the car. under the bridge both vehicles started pushing it self UPHILL!! We parked the vehicles and got out and walked under the bridge and we heard a baby screaming and a woman screaming. We decided to walk up on top of the bridge and we saw an empty noose and beside it we saw another, but someone was hanging from it. We went back the next day during the afternoon and went back along the trail and at the radio station, we looked in and saw red eyes staring us(just like legend said). It was a very creepy and eerie experience.

joe benardo said...

i visited this road and the woods beside this bridge many times as a tennager. some times we saw the red eyes, other times the nooses. a couple times we were chased by a truck at high speed that didnt have theyre head lights on but had a shot gun out the window firing at us... from what i know of the place its no place to be if you dont belong.

Notas de una adolescente said...

Its creepy, because i passed over there a lot of time in the night in the car with my parents and never happened nothing, but that street is almost always alone i mean someone can kill you and you can scream but no one is gonna listen. Its just idk. Now that i know this i dont wan to pass there anymore.

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