The Aquia Church has been home to paranormal activity for over the last 200 years, according to those who have visited and researched the location.  The majority of paranormal activity stems from a murder that occurred just after the church was built in the 1750's.  A woman, who was hiding from some highway men, was murdered inside the church.  Her body was hidden in the belfry not to be found until a few years later when the church began conducting regular services.  The blood from her murder remained ingrained into the floor before a concrete surface covered it during some renovations. 

The paranormal symptoms this location has is often during the night you can hear sounds of a struggle coming from the back of the church.  Footsteps can be heard throughout the day and night as if somebody was running frantically.  Whistling can often be heard when nobody else is around.  Lastly, the apparition of a young, blonde woman has been seen looking out one of the churches windows. 

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Brock Trent said...

I recieved correspondence from the Pastor of Acquia Church after requesting an investigation of the church. It read as follows:

We neither welcome nor permit such investigations, but our doors are open for worship basically every Sunday of the year and on special occasions as well.

(The Rev.) Jay Morris
Aquia Episcopal Church, Stafford, Virginia

Just wanted to pass that along to anyone interested in future investigations at the church.

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