Stratford Hall is the birthplace of one Robert E. Lee.  The house itself sits directly on the border of Virginia and Maryland, overlooking the Potomac river.  The architecture associated with this Colonial period mansion is amazing. The beautiful brick walls that enclose this mansion have been kissed by the sun for a few centuries now.  Yet, the house still remains as enchanting as it was when it was first built.

The paranormal claims inside this mansion are numerous, as are the ghosts who have been rumored to conduct the activity.  There were a few generations of Lee's that lived in this house.  Of course, Robert E. Lee lived in this house until he was three before moving to a new house in Alexandria (Also known as the Lee House... it too is rumored to be haunted). 

Most claims seem to be that of residual hauntings.  Staff members have claimed to see figures sitting on a bed, looking out a window, or working at a desk.  These all have the symptoms of being a moment in time playing itself over and over again when the conditions are right.  There are a few intelligent ghosts in the house but I cannot confirm that outside of what I've read in a few books over the past few weeks. 

I've linked the official website at the bottom and for those of you who are curious to check out Stratford Hall at night, they do allow overnight guests. 

Official Website of Stratford Hall
Paranormal Claims at Stratford Hall
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Wikipedia Page


Brock Trent said...

We just contacted Stratford Hall inquiring about conducting an investigation. We were told that they no longer allow paranormal investigators due to an incident involving a previous investigator. Just wanted to let everyone know in case you were trying to set up an investigation at Stratford Hall.

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