When you're investigating the paranormal, sometimes you stumble upon an intriguing story that offers no real explanation as to why or how the events occur.  Virginia Intermont College has been around for almost 120 years and is home to 555 students according to the school's official website.  The college is relatively small but the sometimes even the smallest of places can have a haunting past.

The paranormal claims that surrounds this college is centered around one room in the main building on campus.  I've found a post on a site linked at the bottom on this article and I'll let this person do the story-telling.
I am a freshman at Virginia Intermont College. I know the exact room which you are talking about, and I would like to explain the story a little more. Back in the 1800's the school was all girls. One girl in particular was having an affair with one of her professors. She got pregnant, but the professor refused to leave his wife for her. She hung herself, and while doing so knocked over the kerosene lamp she had been using, and started a fire. The rest of the building has been repaired, but any time her room is worked on, it reverts back to the same charred state it was in. It is noticeable when you see it -- it looks like the fire just happened, even though it was over 100 years ago.
The story is tragic but the phenomenon that is said to occur here is interesting.  If you look at it from a scientific perspective, there isn't a finite reason for why a wall would continuously look charred even 100 years later.  Is it paranormal, possibly but this is definitely a location that could use an investigation by a skilled paranormal group. 

I did some more digging and found a good post on another blogspot site explaining this haunting even more.  According to this post, the girls name is "Vera." However, the interesting thing included in this post is that the ghost isn't just linked to the one room in the Main Hall, instead people have reported feeling cold spots, the feeling of being watched, and cold breezes all across campus.
A less obvious “haunting” happened to Travis Williamson his first year at VI. He stated, “I was sitting [in my room, 211] eating a sandwich and I had some soda in a Gatorade bottle that was really flat, no carbonation at all. The lid was screwed on just a little, and all of a sudden the lid pops off and the bottle is rocking back and forth.”
If you really dig deep enough, almost every college in this state has some sort of "ghost" story.  What separates VIC's ghost apart from the rest is the widespread reports of phenomenon.  You have visual, auditory, and object manipulation.  On a scale of 1 to 10, VIC is probably close to the 10 side of the scale when it comes to activity.  If you ever get a chance to visit this college, don't pass it up. 

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Schools Official Website: http://www.vic.edu/
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Jen said...


I actually went to VI back in 2001-2004. I do know of the room spoken of. However, 'Vera' as the ghost is thought to be, last I heard was alive and well. She thought it was comical a story was made out to be her.

I don't doubt that the school is haunted. One night while my roommate and I were sleeping in a dorm (2nd floor main), I woke up to a bit of light shining in my eye. Our door was cracked. We never really locked our dorm room door, so I assumed the air fluctuation between someone else opening/closing their door may have popped ours opened. To ensure it wouldn't happen again, I got up, closed the door and locked it. I went back to sleep. A little while later, both my roommate and I were awoken, not knowing why and... our door was cracked again! We both asked each other if either of us left it opened... neither of us had been out of our beds. I explained to her that it happened earlier and how I thought it was just the wind in the hallway.

This was definitely one of the more creepier moments I have had on VI's campus!

Justin Clark said...

Thanks for your comment. Sadly, my resources only go as far as looking through Google and other online websites so I just post what I find. Thanks for clearing up the name situation though.

It definitely sounds like an interesting (although very expensive) college.

Unknown said...

Hi there...

I am sorry to say that Virginia Intermont College (VIC) closed it's doors a couple of years ago.

But, I remember Vera when I was at VIC in 1981-1983. One of my friends, Suzette, actually lived in the room that was supposed to have been Vera's. It is quite good sized and tucked away just off of the main hall, near the breezeway headed to East Hall. Lots of us wanted it but there was a waiting list for it...ghost and all! There were always cold spots in the room and my friend said things moved around all the time. The room actually had a sink in it and the faucet would turn itself on, I saw that more than once. They would talk to Vera and things would calm down for awhile.

My mom also went to VIC in the 1940's and I asked her about the ghost when I was there and she said she remembered it but didn't have any experiences with her.

Cyndi Cotsworth said...

My older sister went to VI in 1996, and I stayed with her and her roommate during the parents weekend. The second night I was there, we were all in the room, them in their beds, and me on the floor. Out of nowhere, the stereo turned on and the volume shot up to as loud as it could go. I jumped up and tried to turn it down, but the knob did nothing, and so I quickly pulled the plug out of the wall. We all freaked and tried to figure out who had sat on the remote but we couldn't find it. My sister ended up pulling it out of an empty drawer in a table that was between their beds. Later, after we turned off the lights but were not asleep yet, we all watched as the stereo lit up and then turned off three times in a row. I hadnot plugged it back

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