The Lyric theater was built in 1930 but due to the size of the building, the theater reached it's peak soon after opening.  After spiraling debts, the theater was closed in the early 80's.  In 1998 the theater was fully renovated and was reopened to the public.  Today, the Lyric serves as a non-profit theater that shows movies to blacksburg residents and Virginia Tech students.

The ghostly claims can best be described by Joel Furr, who wrote this brilliant and descriptive story on the theater.  Footsteps above the ticket office, the sounds of a woman shrieking at random times during the day, and perhaps the ghost of a worker who died during the construction of this building have all been reported.

The Story of the Lyric Theater by Joel Furr 
The History of the Lyric Theater 
VAMP Investigation 


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