The Miller-Kite House was built in 1827 and was used as a safe house for one Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War.  It is here that Jackson crafted his famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

Today the house serves as a museum and is only operations for a few hours during peak season.  So for ghost hunters, this is a prime place to investigate.

The paranormal claims here are really the norms for an almost 200 year old house.  Footsteps have been heard, doors opening and closing on their own, cigar smoke, etc. 
There have been a few paranormal groups to investigate the house and I have attached their investigation debriefings below.  I attached their report below.  Also I have a few more links that leads to more information on the building if you are interested in that as well.  Enjoy!

Valley Ghost Hunters Investigation #2:
Valley Ghost Hunters Investigation #1:
S.i.VA Investigation:
Historical Marker Database:
Natural Plane article:


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