Miller Hall, which is located in the heart of Roanoke College's campus, is another one of the school's building that is home to classic paranormal activity (we looked at the Monterey House earlier).  Miller Hall is the campuses second oldest building and was built in 1857.  According to Roanoke College's website, the money for this Hall was donated by Michael Miller.  The Hall was named after him upon completion.  By the turn of the century, Miller Hall was the only building on campus that had electricity.  After a renovation project a few years ago, the building now houses faculty offices as well as general classrooms. 
The building itself has seen one death and did house some patients during the influenze outbreak in 1918. The one death was from the founder of the college, David Bittle.  According to the "Guide to Historical Salem," Bittle died of a heart attack during a meeting in Miller Hall in 1876.  
Dr. Bittle stopped at the college to sit in on a Missionary Society meeting; he left briefly to settle some rowdy students and make his usual evening rounds of the campus. When he returned to the meeting, he had barely settled into his chair when his heart suddenly stopped. He died painlessly in a few moments, surrounded by his friends at the college to which he had dedicated his life. He was buried soon afterwards in the center circle of East Hill Cemetery.
Because my research is limited, I couldn't really find out much on the paranormal activity of this building.  Hopefully, this is something I can pursue in the future but as of now, I couldn't find any evidence of what may be going on inside Miller Hall.  If you have any information on the building, feel free to leave us a comment below.  

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