Continuing with our series of famous Tidewater mansions, today we examine Carter's Grove.  The house itself dates back to the 1750's when it was built by Robert "King" Carter, one of the more influential members of society during that time.  However, Carter died and left it to his grandson, Carter Burwell.

Although there are no known deaths that have occurred in the house, Carter's Grove is home to some unusual paranormal activity.  There are a few different occurrences that we will examine in this blog so we'll start with the earliest and work our way forward in time. 

The home was built on the site of the Indian massacre of 1622, which saw the slaughter of over 300 colonists.  Of course, the house wasn't built for another 130 years but seeing that it was built on or at least near the spot where the massacre took place, this could mean some residual energy remains from that tragic day.

Within the first twenty years after the house was built, both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington stayed the night inside the Carter's Grove mansion.  In fact, both of them proposed to their current partners at the time only to be turned down because neither was good enough to marry them.  Of course, what Mary Cary and Rebecca Burwell didn't know was that the two guys they turned down went on to be two of the most influential people in recent history. However, the legend has it that when word got out that George Washington won the battle of Yorktown, Mary fainted into her husband's arms and tore up the carnations that were sitting in what has been dubbed the "Refusal Room." To this day, if Carnations are placed inside this room, sometime during the day they will be ripped to shreds.

Carter's Grove also has a slave quarters where the majority of their workers eat, slept, and spent the vast majority of their lives.  Since no paranormal team has investigated this place yet, I don't have any else to add to that but that would be a high priority for me If I ever got to investigate this place.

Overall, this mansion sounds interesting with some odd paranormal claims.  If you ever get a chance to tour the mansion (the house is open to tours on a daily basis) then go.

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Chase Howard said...

Very interesting posting on Carter's Grove. I also learned that it was owned by Halsey Minor, who founded CNET. I read somewhere else that he wanted to preserve the house because of it's historical significance, like you mentioned above.

Cameron Mays said...

I lived on the plantation from 2008-2014 and it is very indeed haunted. I seen and had a conversation with Molly McCrea. The whole plantation gives you the feel of that someone is watching you. I took photos and have seen Indian like faces in the window of the mansion. Heard footsteps in the mansion as well.

Cameron Mays said...

He did at first, but he ended up going bankrupt. I lived on the plantation from 2008-2014. And it was a life changing experience!

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