The Wythe House is gorgeous mansion that was built back in 1750 as a wedding gift to George Wythe, a law professor and signer of the Declaration of Independence.  The house has served as a private home, a military headquarters during the Revolutionary war, and now a museum.  In fact, this was a safe house for General, and future president, George Washington for a few weeks back in the late 1770's.

However, the most interesting story that resounds inside the brick walls is about a young lady named Lady Ann Skipwith.  Ann was a very outspoken woman, who didn't exactly agree with many of the gender role stereotypes that were existent in her day.  Nevertheless, she married a rich planter named Peyton Skipwith.  The two never lived at the house but they did visit the Wythe house for a gala in 1780.

Ann wore a beautiful cream satin dress along with elegant tiny red heeled slippers.  However, at some point during the festivities, Ann stormed out of the party dashing towards the Wythe house, where she was likely staying the night.  While the party continued, Ann hobbled to the Wythe house with what is suspected to be a broken shoe (this is important later) and eventually made it up to the upstairs bedroom.  Nobody knows why Ann stormed out of the party but it probably had to do with a disputed affair between her husband and Ann's sister, Jean. 

At this point in the story, there are a few different resolutions.  Some say she took her life in the house while most historians say that's false and she actually died in childbirth a few months later.

The majority of the visual paranormal experiences at this beautiful estate has to deal with this one story.  There have been sightings of a woman in her mid twentys come out of a bedroom, look at herself in the mirror, then disappear through a door.  Others have seen a woman in the upstairs bedroom as well.  After hearing this story, most of the people who work in or around this building assume that it's Lady Ann Skipwith.

Another reason why some believe her spirit is still hovering around this house is due to the sound of somebody in high heeled shoes hoping up the staircase around midnight.  With Ann breaking a shoe before she made it into the house, this would fit the story.

There have also been infrequent sitings of some colonial dressed soldiers that have appeared in the living quarters. 

Employees have experienced cold spots at the top of the stairs as well as the feeling of being pushed or grabbed.  The smell of perfume can be experienced throughout the house even when nobody else is around.  Footsteps can be heard from the first floor even when your alone in the house.  Doors have been seen opening and shutting by themselves.

All in all, if your a ghost hunter in the area, the Wythe House is must investigate. 


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