The Governor's Mansion, better known as the Executive Mansion, has a luxurious 200 year history that is full of famous politicians, historic politics, and a young female ghost.  Obviously, you are here to learn about that last part but first some history on the estate is in order.  The building was constructed in 1813 and replaced a small, wooded house that stood where the mansion stands today.  After the building was constructed, numerous Richmond natives were outraged at the lack of style and decor used in the house.

However, after a few years, some improvements were made and now the House stands as the symbol of Virginia architecture.  Designed by Alexander Parris, it is the oldest occupied governor's mansion in the United States. It has served as the home of Virginia governors and their families since 1813.  In fact, four former Presidents have lived in the house: Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, and John Tyler.  That's not a bad list.

Today, the house serves as the home of current Governor Bob McDonnell.  At the end of this blog I have attached the wikipedia page if you are interested in learning more about the history of this building.

On to the ghost.  According to numerous documented reports by former governors and employees who worked on site, there is the apparition of a young girl in white who inhabits the property.  The girl was first document in the late 19th century by then current governor Phillip W. McKinney.   According to the story, McKinney entered the houses guest bedroom and was startled by a girl sitting on a window seal.  After a pause he found his wife up on the 2nd floor and asked who their guest was.  His wife, of course, told him that they didn't have company and McKinney marched back into the bedroom only to find it empty.  A search of the house showed no signs of entry by anybody other than the McKinney family.

However, that's just one of the many stories that have taken place at this house.  Another story is offered up from an article by Mary Moss I found on the Associated Content website, which is now owned by Yahoo.
On another occasion, the ghost of the woman was seen by a Capitol police officer. The officer reported seeing a woman standing at the window of an upstairs bedroom where visitors were not authorized to be. He went up to the room to tell her she was not allowed in the room. When he entered the room she disappeared before his eyes, like a ghost.
Even former Governor Tim Kaine has confessed that he believes there is something beyond Earthly living in the Governor's mansion.  On a call in show before he left office, Kaine was asked by a caller if he believed the mansion to be haunted.  Kaine answered with a simple "yes."  According to the former Governor a telephone, in his private quarters, rings at the same "inconvenient time" every week — and when he picks up the phone, nobody's there. 

Sadly, no details about who this girl may be is available.  Could it be a possible wife of one of the first governors of Virginia or perhaps a daughter?  At this point, nobody knows.  According to local records, no death of any young girl has ever been reported at the Mansion.

If there is one place I would love to see the guys at TAPS or a well respected local Paranormal team investigate, it would be here... at the Executive Mansion in Richmond.  Maybe it's not the most active place in the state but the history here in unbelievable.  

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