Short blog update but one of Roanoke's local paranormal hotspots is undergoing renovation and will be converted and reopened by the fall of 2011.  Obviously, Patrick Henry Hotel closed it's doors a few years ago and has been empty since then.  However, back in 2008, a contractor bought the property and was determined to renovate the building and turn it into affordable downtown apartments for those interested in living in the heart of downtown Roanoke.

I've listed a few links below from the Roanoke Times that gives a solid update on the situation.  For ghost hunters, it appears that Patrick Henry is off the list for places available for investigation... at least for now.

Roanoke Times Article: Oct 2009
Roanoke Times Article: Sept 2010

Update 4-18-13

The Patrick Henry Hotel has been remodeled and turned into a giant apartment building in downtown Roanoke.  The building now consists of office space, over 100 moderately sized apartments, and a restaurant on the ground level.  Obviously, the building is going to be off-limit to ghost hunters eager to get a glimpse of some past history repeating itself in front of their eyes.  Still, it's nice to see a historical landmark thriving again in downtown Roanoke.  The city could use a bit more of that. 


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