I'm starting a new article style called "Case Files."  These are going to be short and sweet blogs that are shorter that what I normally post.  Since I'm struggling to find time to research some of these places more, hopefully this will add a little more depth to the site and will increase traffic flow as well.

The Major Graham Mansion is one place in the state that I would love to check out.  It's an almost 200 year old house that was built back in 1830.  It's one of those mansions that looks haunted from the outside. Below I've attached some links that should assist you in finding some more information on this site.

Official Website: http://www.majorgrahammansion.com/
Historical Background:http://www.majorgrahammansion.com/index.php/about-major-graham-mansion
VPS Investigation: http://www.virginiaparanormalsociety.com/vps12_007.htm
Bedford Paranormal Investigation: http://www.bedfordparanormal.com/Grahams_Forge_Mansion.html


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