In almost every ghost book about the state of Virginia, the author includes a short tale about a haunted junk yard in Bassett, Virginia.  The place sounds terrifying and a rather perfect place for us ghost hunters to spend the night. However, none of these books mention where the ghost yard is located or where this story even originates.  

Curious, I took this upon myself to figure out where this haunted scrap shop was located and thanks to the new street view on Google Maps, I think I may have found a suitor.   Auto Salvage Co. Nelson is located in Bassett and is really the only Junk Yard in the area.  If there is a haunted salvage yard in Bassett, Virginia then this would be it. 


200 Murray Hill Ln 
Bassett, VA 24055 


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Greg Willard said...

Actually this is not where it is at all. I live here and while true this is CURRENTLY the only auto salvage place in this area, it is not the one mentioned in the book. The one mentioned in the book was located just off of Highway 57 East and is now filled with old charter buses owned by Easter Auto Sales. Good luck in your quest. Hope this helps narrow it down for you. :)

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