The state of Virginia has numerous haunted roadways throughout the Commonwealth but none are as interesting as Walney Road in Chantilly, Virginia.  

The story began back before this windy road was paved when one night, a passing vehicle ran over a man out for a leisurely night stroll, killing him instantly.  Afraid of what might happen, the driver fled the scene and police were never able to determine who the killer was.

Since then, the road has been paved and homes have been built along the stretch of road.  However, interesting and rather creepy sightings have been recorded for many years by those who travel this road frequently.  Legend has it that if you're driving down this road at night you may see the ghost of this man, frantically seeking out help on the side of the road.  If you drive by, you will see the figure twice more and if you don't pull over to help, the man will appear inside your car and force you off the road.

Perhaps this is a true story and it's definitely one worth checking out if you're brave enough to drive down this road during the night.  However, to me, it sounds like a rumor that spread rapidly due to the high amount of accidents that occur on this road every year.  The road is windy and dimly lit, which can cause cars to loose control if they are traveling at too high of speeds.

But who am I to say.  The people who live around this area certainly believe it and I guess its best to say you should stay clear of driving on this road after the sun goes down.

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Weird Virginia


Unknown said...

The road isn't dimly lit, it isn't lit at all. Oddly, I don't believe in ghost but my GF is a ghost hunter person and has her own organization based out of northern Virginia. Perhaps you guys could collaborate and even test the theory of driving down the road.

Unknown said...

I actually first saw this haunted location in a book labeled as "Weird Virginia" and I 100% believe in this because of other locations that I have experienced strange occurrences in that were included in the book.

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