Miller Hall, which is located in the heart of Roanoke College's campus, is another one of the school's building that is home to classic paranormal activity (we looked at the Monterey House earlier).  Miller Hall is the campuses second oldest building and was built in 1857.  According to Roanoke College's website, the money for this Hall was donated by Michael Miller.  The Hall was named after him upon completion.  By the turn of the century, Miller Hall was the only building on campus that had electricity.  After a renovation project a few years ago, the building now houses faculty offices as well as general classrooms. 
The building itself has seen one death and did house some patients during the influenze outbreak in 1918. The one death was from the founder of the college, David Bittle.  According to the "Guide to Historical Salem," Bittle died of a heart attack during a meeting in Miller Hall in 1876.  
Dr. Bittle stopped at the college to sit in on a Missionary Society meeting; he left briefly to settle some rowdy students and make his usual evening rounds of the campus. When he returned to the meeting, he had barely settled into his chair when his heart suddenly stopped. He died painlessly in a few moments, surrounded by his friends at the college to which he had dedicated his life. He was buried soon afterwards in the center circle of East Hill Cemetery.
Because my research is limited, I couldn't really find out much on the paranormal activity of this building.  Hopefully, this is something I can pursue in the future but as of now, I couldn't find any evidence of what may be going on inside Miller Hall.  If you have any information on the building, feel free to leave us a comment below.  

VAMP Investigation
Roanoke College Campus Buildings Info
Guide to Historical Salem

The Monterey House is located on the Roanoke College campus and serves as an academic building during the day and a haunted house at night.  The house was first built for Powell Huff, a Salem businessman.  However, in its 150 year history the house has served as a private residence, a hotel, a frat house, and a rooming house.  If you want more information on the building itself you can skim through the article I have linked at the bottom. 

The ghostly claims of this establishment are widespread and well documented.  According to those that had to spend the night inside the house, a female ghost will appear, often at your bedside while you sleep.  The ghost isn't harmful but for those who have woken up to see a ghost above them, it's given them quite a shock.  Also, there have been reports of Civil War soldiers, standing outside the residence only to disappear moments later. 

The rest of the activity is fairly typical of any "haunted" building.  Footsteps in the night can be heard, voices whispering, a radio like humming can be heard from the dining room, and guests have been touched on numerous occasions by unseen forces.

So is the Monterey House haunted?  It certainly seems like it is.  Still, as a skeptic and one that needs proof before I label anything as haunted, I get the feeling that something is going on in the house.  Feel free to checkout the EVP's the VAMP team collected when they visited the house.  I've linked it at the bottom of the page.

Roanoke College Website
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Want to take the wife somewhere nice for the weekend but also want to satisfy your lust for the paranormal?  Well, here's your solution.  The "By The Side of the Road" Bed and Breakfast is home to fine dining, luxurious rooms, and you guessed it, ghosts.

The house was built back in the mid 19th century and served as a hospital during the Civil War.  In fact, the house was set to be burned down by invading Northern troops but due to its brick foundation, the house didn't ignite and the soldiers left it standing.

The ghostly phenomenon isn't anything out of the ordinary.  Footsteps can be heard during the night even when every guest is fast asleep in their rooms.  Doors tend to open and shut on their own, whispering can be heard during the night, and the typical semi-paranormal knocks and bumps can be heard throughout the house. 

Official Website
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Short Passage on the house from Google Books

We've covered haunted roads on here before but I'm pretty sure this is the first haunted tunnel we've talked about.  The Poor House Road Tunnel is a well known haunted hot spot, especially among the younger generation in and around Lexington.  This is evident by the numerous amount of graffiti that currently engulfs the walls. 

The tunnel was built back in the 19th century as a part of a railroad system that spanned from Lexington to Staunton.  Of course, with the birth of the automobile, the tracks associated with this tunnel are no longer in use and haven't been in use for some time.

The ghostly sitings of this tunnel stem from some local legends of lynchings and murders associated with this particular piece of real estate.  According to some locals, the tunnel was a hot spot for lynchings back in the early 20th century.  Also, there is a story of two girls who were shot and killed in the tunnel.

None of these stories can be validated but they are interesting.  So is this tunnel haunted?  You may have to journey to Lexington and find out for yourself.  Or if your too lazy to do that, check out some of the EVP's the VA Paranormal group posted on their website.  Those are linked below. 

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The Lyric theater was built in 1930 but due to the size of the building, the theater reached it's peak soon after opening.  After spiraling debts, the theater was closed in the early 80's.  In 1998 the theater was fully renovated and was reopened to the public.  Today, the Lyric serves as a non-profit theater that shows movies to blacksburg residents and Virginia Tech students.

The ghostly claims can best be described by Joel Furr, who wrote this brilliant and descriptive story on the theater.  Footsteps above the ticket office, the sounds of a woman shrieking at random times during the day, and perhaps the ghost of a worker who died during the construction of this building have all been reported.

The Story of the Lyric Theater by Joel Furr 
The History of the Lyric Theater 
VAMP Investigation 

The Miller-Kite House was built in 1827 and was used as a safe house for one Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War.  It is here that Jackson crafted his famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

Today the house serves as a museum and is only operations for a few hours during peak season.  So for ghost hunters, this is a prime place to investigate.

The paranormal claims here are really the norms for an almost 200 year old house.  Footsteps have been heard, doors opening and closing on their own, cigar smoke, etc. 
There have been a few paranormal groups to investigate the house and I have attached their investigation debriefings below.  I attached their report below.  Also I have a few more links that leads to more information on the building if you are interested in that as well.  Enjoy!

Valley Ghost Hunters Investigation #2:
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As a college student, I love hearing ghost stories of other colleges.  Randolph College is no different.  The school has a unique past and one that should shed some light on the fact that not every male was against educating and giving women equal rights back in the 19th century.  I'll let the official website fill you in from here.

Randolph-Macon Woman’s College was founded over 115 years ago in a world largely opposed to the “dangerous” idea of educating women.
William Waugh Smith, then president of the all-male Randolph-Macon College, had the courage to disagree, and set about making plans for a "college where our young women may obtain an education equal to that given in our best colleges for young men and under environments in harmony with the highest ideals of womanhood."
With no backing from his trustees, Smith took his cause to the road, eventually winning support of the Rivermont Land Company, which donated 20 acres of bucolic land in the quiet town of Lynchburg.
Thanks to the generosity of 150 local residents, Smith was able to raise the $100,000 necessary to officially found Randolph-Macon Woman’s College on March 10, 1891. The college welcomed its first class of 36 students and 12 professors in 1893.
Today, Randolph College is a small liberal arts college that houses over 1000 students.

On to the ghosts.  The ghosts of this college stem from on campus murders and deaths that surround the school.  I'll let the Bedford Paranormal group take it from here.
The one that we heard most often was the purple clog story. The student in this story was known for wearing clogs that were a popular fashion at the time. This story concerned a student that had been murdered when she crossed a street next to the college on the way back to her dorm. Her body was hidden and then later found by security. Several students that lived in or visited other students that lived in her old dorm told us that they could hear her walking around at times through the halls and rooms. They told us that her foot steps were noticeably different due to the clogs.
Another story that we heard several times from different students was the sighting of an older woman in the West Dating Parlor. Students told us that at times when they entered the dating parlor they would see the woman seated near the door only to have her disappear as they approached or attempted to talk to her.
Another story that isn't mentioned but is talked about in the News Advance link below, is the story behind the haunting in the the schools auditorium.  In 1971, a Shakespeare play was set to be performed but the male lead was killed in a car wreck on the way to the play.  According to student and faculty reports, the ghost of said student has shown up from time to time and normally sits in the back row of the theater.

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St. Albans was erected in 1893 as a small college that housed about 70 different college aged males at the time.  However, the school only lasted for about ten years before enrollment dropped and was eventually closed down.  However, around 1915, the building was converted into a hospital and remained one ever since.

The Virginia Paranormal Society team did a recent investigation there and I'll post a link to their findings below.  If your looking for whether or not this building is haunted, start there.

Haunted St Albans Homepage
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I'm starting a new article style called "Case Files."  These are going to be short and sweet blogs that are shorter that what I normally post.  Since I'm struggling to find time to research some of these places more, hopefully this will add a little more depth to the site and will increase traffic flow as well.

The Major Graham Mansion is one place in the state that I would love to check out.  It's an almost 200 year old house that was built back in 1830.  It's one of those mansions that looks haunted from the outside. Below I've attached some links that should assist you in finding some more information on this site.

Official Website:
Historical Background:
VPS Investigation:
Bedford Paranormal Investigation:

The state of Virginia is home to some of the best colleges in the United States.  We don't quite have a Harvard but if you live in-state than you have numerous schools to choose from, all within driving distance of wherever you live. Obviously, by the title of this post you can tell that we are going to examine Cole Hall on the Bridgewater College campus.  For this blog, I'm going to try something different.  Instead of making this look like a magazine article (basic print format) I'm going to divide it up into sections. 


Bridgewater College was established in 1880 as Spring Creek Normal and Collegiate Institute by Daniel Christian Flory, an alumnus of the University of Virginia and a young progressive leader in the Church of the Brethren. Nine years later, the school was named Bridgewater College and chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia to grant undergraduate degrees. Two major influences, the University of Virginia and the Church of the Brethren, have shaped Bridgewater College as an educational institution and created its personality. 

Its historic association with the Church of the Brethren, modified Georgian architecture, Honor Code, and seal depicting truth, beauty, goodness, and harmony bear testimony to the strength of these two shaping influences.  Bridgewater College became the first private, senior co-educational liberal arts college in Virginia and one of the few accredited colleges of its type in the South. 

Today, Bridgewater College enrolls over 1,604 men and women. Electing to keep its enrollment small, Bridgewater continues to maintain a faculty-student ratio of 1:14 and offers the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Paranormal Claims

According to the Valley Ghost Hunters website, "Cole Hall itself was built in 1929.   From the Bridgewater website "Cole Hall was erected in 1929 as the auditorium/theatre section of a future administration building.   The auditorium/theatre seats about 650 people and is equipped with a modern stage, dressing rooms, a stage lighting system, motion picture and sound equipment, one artist grand piano, and a three-manual Moeller organ with 51 ranks of pipes which was installed in 1974.   The name of the building perpetuates the memory of Dr. Charles Knox Cole.   It is a gift of his daughter, Mrs. Virginia Garber Cole Strickler."  

You can view the full report at the link above or by clicking on the link at the end of the article.  The claims appear to be that Dr. Charles Cole's ghost still haunts the place and appears whenever there is a play in session.  The reports are that the building is "said to be haunted by the ghost of it’s namesake, Mr. Cole. His ghost has been sighted many times by members of the drama club, musicians, and audience members. Usually seated on the balcony, the ghost appears when he is particularly pleased with a performance. Once, at the end of a play, the lights overhead began to flicker rapidly, and a cold spot was felt near a particular seat on the balcony"

Paranormal Rating = 3

My paranormal rating system is a simple 1-10 scale that shows the activity of said location (10 being extremely active, 1 being not active).  I'll give this residence a three just because of the Valley Ghost Hunters case report.  They failed to find any evidence and because of that, this place doesn't appear to be very active.  Obviously, it's tough to say that's not haunted but this may be a rather calm haunt, perhaps only showing up when the conditions are exactly right.  

Either way, Bridgewater College is a unique school that is perfect for anybody who's looking to go to a small school in central Virginia.  


Official Website: 

The Governor's Mansion, better known as the Executive Mansion, has a luxurious 200 year history that is full of famous politicians, historic politics, and a young female ghost.  Obviously, you are here to learn about that last part but first some history on the estate is in order.  The building was constructed in 1813 and replaced a small, wooded house that stood where the mansion stands today.  After the building was constructed, numerous Richmond natives were outraged at the lack of style and decor used in the house.

However, after a few years, some improvements were made and now the House stands as the symbol of Virginia architecture.  Designed by Alexander Parris, it is the oldest occupied governor's mansion in the United States. It has served as the home of Virginia governors and their families since 1813.  In fact, four former Presidents have lived in the house: Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, and John Tyler.  That's not a bad list.

Today, the house serves as the home of current Governor Bob McDonnell.  At the end of this blog I have attached the wikipedia page if you are interested in learning more about the history of this building.

On to the ghost.  According to numerous documented reports by former governors and employees who worked on site, there is the apparition of a young girl in white who inhabits the property.  The girl was first document in the late 19th century by then current governor Phillip W. McKinney.   According to the story, McKinney entered the houses guest bedroom and was startled by a girl sitting on a window seal.  After a pause he found his wife up on the 2nd floor and asked who their guest was.  His wife, of course, told him that they didn't have company and McKinney marched back into the bedroom only to find it empty.  A search of the house showed no signs of entry by anybody other than the McKinney family.

However, that's just one of the many stories that have taken place at this house.  Another story is offered up from an article by Mary Moss I found on the Associated Content website, which is now owned by Yahoo.
On another occasion, the ghost of the woman was seen by a Capitol police officer. The officer reported seeing a woman standing at the window of an upstairs bedroom where visitors were not authorized to be. He went up to the room to tell her she was not allowed in the room. When he entered the room she disappeared before his eyes, like a ghost.
Even former Governor Tim Kaine has confessed that he believes there is something beyond Earthly living in the Governor's mansion.  On a call in show before he left office, Kaine was asked by a caller if he believed the mansion to be haunted.  Kaine answered with a simple "yes."  According to the former Governor a telephone, in his private quarters, rings at the same "inconvenient time" every week — and when he picks up the phone, nobody's there. 

Sadly, no details about who this girl may be is available.  Could it be a possible wife of one of the first governors of Virginia or perhaps a daughter?  At this point, nobody knows.  According to local records, no death of any young girl has ever been reported at the Mansion.

If there is one place I would love to see the guys at TAPS or a well respected local Paranormal team investigate, it would be here... at the Executive Mansion in Richmond.  Maybe it's not the most active place in the state but the history here in unbelievable.  

Governor's Mansion Ghost Article: Associated Content
Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia
Midnight Society Blog Post:
Tim Kaine Article: USA Today

Pirates have become a less harmless icon today but back in the 18th century, they were dangerous and rather criminal figures.  Blackbeard is probably the best known of all of them and shockingly, he has a tie to the state of Virginia.  Back in 1718, Governor Alexander Spotswood sent the Royal Navy, under the command of Lieutenant Robert Maynard, to capture Blackbeard.  A battle ensued off the coast of Ocracoke island in the Outer Banks but eventually Blackbeard was killed and his body thrown overboard.  The Royal Navy found the head of Blackbeard (there is some discussion on whether he was decapitated during the battle or after) and returned it back to modern day Hampton, Virginia.

The Governor decided to put Blackbeard's head on a post overlooking the sea to warn off other pirates from attacking British ships.  Today, many locals around that area claim that the area is haunted by the once ferocious pirate.

However, after my research on this topic I find it hard to believe that Blackbeard's ghost is haunting this strip of land.  In fact, there have been more reports of ghost sitings in the Outer Bank than around Blackbeard's point.  I'm not saying that it can't be haunted but if it is, it's probably from somebody other than Blackbeard. 

If you're interested in learning more about this topic feel free to research Blackbeard's final days.  Not only are there a few ghost stories linked to it but it's actually a pretty interesting story. 

Short blog update but one of Roanoke's local paranormal hotspots is undergoing renovation and will be converted and reopened by the fall of 2011.  Obviously, Patrick Henry Hotel closed it's doors a few years ago and has been empty since then.  However, back in 2008, a contractor bought the property and was determined to renovate the building and turn it into affordable downtown apartments for those interested in living in the heart of downtown Roanoke.

I've listed a few links below from the Roanoke Times that gives a solid update on the situation.  For ghost hunters, it appears that Patrick Henry is off the list for places available for investigation... at least for now.

Roanoke Times Article: Oct 2009
Roanoke Times Article: Sept 2010

Update 4-18-13

The Patrick Henry Hotel has been remodeled and turned into a giant apartment building in downtown Roanoke.  The building now consists of office space, over 100 moderately sized apartments, and a restaurant on the ground level.  Obviously, the building is going to be off-limit to ghost hunters eager to get a glimpse of some past history repeating itself in front of their eyes.  Still, it's nice to see a historical landmark thriving again in downtown Roanoke.  The city could use a bit more of that.